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Our Services


We don’t have hundreds of associates running around all day. I don’t have a fancy studio with big fancy offices to impress you in. My office is in my home, I have a room over the garage as my formal studio and if I need more space for a shoot I use the local church social hall. Now that I have that out of the way, what I do have to offer is:

·        Many years of experience shooting weddings and portrait photography.

·        Very consistent style and quality

·        Service from one who knows the importance of hearing what you have to say and responding to it.

·        The best equipment possible to give you great results

·        Many years of experience in editing and album design

·        Great outside resources for photo editing, albums, etc.

·        All our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed

I am always willing to schedule a time to meet and discuss your photography needs. Call me at 803-920-5552 to make an appointment.